Lucy, 17. Welcome to my blog :D Check the tags, but keep in mind that one does not exclude the other! Enjoy your stay and always feel free to message me about anything ;)
I have noticed on the I love you but I hate you some simple things, but really the story line in there, it grabs the reader, and I still haven't finished, at 83,706 words (im coping it to word so I can read it again later from start to finish). the fact im still reading it after this long shows its good (I don't like reading :P ) I will save 2 copies and do some little things and slit it up and if you want send it to you to see what you thing :) ?

OH WOW!!! I am so happy to receive this ask sweetie! Thank you so much!
Wow, I’m so glad you’re reading because of mine and Kayla’s RP! I’m really thankful, hopefully reading it is just as amusing to you as it’s been to us writing it!
And so many words omg!!! Sure I’d like a copy!! I can give you my skype and you can send the doc through there! You’re an angel, thank you so much!